Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 Male submissive training exercises

Per request from our readers we have listed the following exercises from our contract. P.S. Ignore the highlights in 10-13...not sure why it came out like that.

30 Submissive male Training Exercise’s

1          Unless expressed otherwise by Mistress, the male sub shall dress himself in a manner he feels will be pleasing to and appropriate for his Mistress. A picture shall be sent to Mistress for approval prior to completing the dressing ritual and any suggestions will be made at that time.

2          The male sub shall endeavor to keep his legs apart and open in Mistress's presence for Her access.

3          The male sub shall not wear undergarments, except when the act of doing so, and the design of the item of apparel are expressly approved by Mistress. Each day Mistress will decide if underwear or girls panties is to be worn or if the male sub is to wear none at all

4          If real men’s underwear is worn that day, the male sub is to inspect crotch at end of day for pre cum and remove any with mouth sucking the underwear clean of pre cum and sending pictures to Mistress before and after.

5          The male sub shall at all times while in the presence of Mistress be required to wear a dog collar and tag, leash, cock cage, cock ring, ball stretching device, nipple clamps or other adornments unless excused by Mistress.

6          The male sub shall keep the male sub's groin area “shorned” and bald at regular intervals to show his submission and that pubic hair is reserved for real men only.

7          At all times the male sub shall sleep with his bottom half naked and exposed and is to sleep on his stomach in the “slut”position with legs spread, signifying his ability to be penetrated by Mistress strap on at Mistress’s will.

8          Mistress has the right to have tattooed or have pierced any part of the male sub’s body.

9          Mistress is in total control of the male sub's sexual release. Release is not included in sessions unless utilized for cum eating, coating  the male sub’s body or at the command of the Mistress.

10        When in Mistress' presence the male sub will always stand with heels approximately 18 " apart to give access for Mistress to grab crotch and inspect cock.

11        When told "down" the male sub will immediately drop to his knees at Mistresss feet. Forehead to floor and not move until released with "up."

12        When told "reveal and display" the male sub will immediately at any location pull his pathetic cock out of zipper and lay it on the outside of pants and remain so for the pleasure of Mistress.

13        When told "strip" the male sub will immediately remove all clothing. The male sub is to be available for inspection at all times

14        When told “sniff” the male sub will proceed to delicately and respectfully remove Mistress’s panties and sniff and lick the crotch of panties like a dog in heat. If desired Mistress can command the male sub to masturbate in Her panties at this time and lick clean.

 15        When told “eat” the male sub will at any time and location drop to knees and lick Mistress’s pussy in accordance with Her wishes and to increase performance and perfection of cunnilingus. The male sub will keep juices on his face as a sign of devotion and of being marked by Mistress.

16        When told “finger” the male sub will, at any time and any location insert fingers into and bring Mistress to orgasm. Unless otherwise directed the male sub will smell and lick fingers clean at the end of orgasm.

17        When told “fuck” the male sub will enter Mistress with no other words spoken, in the position directed by Mistress and proceed to give Mistress pleasure and orgasms. Afterwards if a condom is used said condom will be opened and spread over the male sub’s cock and balls and/or other body parts directed by Mistress to dry or the cum is to consumed directly from condom. If no condom is used the male sub will lick Mistress’s pussy clean. Cumming in this way is considered a treat and luxury and expressed thankfulness should be shown by purchasing a gift for Mistress

18        When told “Shemar” (or any other name chosen by the Mistress…can be movie star, ex boyfriend, porn star etc) the male sub is put on and wear hollow strap on then present himself to Mistress. After the male sub has used hollow strap on to satisfy Mistress, the male sub will proceed to thank said cock for satisfying his Mistress then the male sub will lick and clean Mistresss juices off strap on, performing fellatio on “Shemar” and praising their ability and his lack thereof.

19        When told “play with clit”the male sub is to stand in front of Mistress displaying his cock and stoke it to entertain Her. Mistress will decide if Her the male sub will play with cock, keep it hard, edge or cum for Her pleasure. If the male sub’s cums he is to clean up with his underwear and lick them clean.

20        At any time Mistress may text or say the word “edge” to the male sub and the male sub is to edge 3 times. Mistress may also say "ride it" and the male sub is to ride edge for an indicated amount of time. After edging the male sub is to remove pre cum from fingers and lick clean in order to keep the male sub’s body primed for Mistresss pleasure and to learn to enjoy and be addicted to the taste of the juices.

21        At any time, Mistress may text or say the word “ruin” to the male sub and the male sub is to ruin orgasm and lick and eat any spilled juice in order to show that the male sub’s orgasm is not important and to remind him that his pleasure is nothing compared to pleasing his Mistress.

22        At any time, Mistress may text or say the word “milk” to the male sub and the male sub is to milk cock of all juices by fucking ass with a prostate massager or dildo and to show that the male balls must be drained properly. Cum is to consumed unless otherwise directed by Mistress.

23        At any time, Mistress may text or say the word “tease” to the male sub and the male sub is to choose a random web tease or tease assigned by Mistress from and perform it to the best of his ability and report back what the tease was to Mistress.

24        At any time, Mistress may text or say the word “thai soup” to the male sub and the male sub is to immediately stop what he is doing and get a bowl of cold water with ice. The male sub is to tie his balls with a shoelace or rope tighty separating each testicle. He is then to immerse his cock and balls in bowl of ice water for 5 minutes. After immersion he is jack off and ruin his orgasm into said bowl and consume contents of soup.

25        At any time, Mistress may text the word or say “write” to the male sub and the male sub is to take a permanent marker and write a phrase on his cock of the Mistress’s choosing.

26        At any time Mistress may text the phrase or say "suck cock" to the male sub and the male sub is to put on a dry condom and proceed to ruin into the dry condom three times...put cum filled condom on dildo or strap on being careful not to spill a drop, clip small hole in tip of condom and proceed to suck cock hard and suck and eat out all cum, when all cum is sucked out, sub is to remove condom licking clean both condom and cock clean.

27        When not in presence of Mistress and going out with other females the the male sub’s cock cage is to be worn at all times. If the male sub is seeing Mistress after, a metal key lock is to be used. If not, plastic numbered lock is to be used with picture being sent to Mistress before and at end of evening. If cock cage is unavailable the male sub must find a suitable alternative to show Mistress’s ownership.

28        The male sub will be open to and accepting of Mistress introducing Her strap at any time into him. the male sub will learn to praise it, perform fellatio on it, masturbate it and to accept it deep in his ass while also being both verbal and physical in his acceptance of pegging and desire to be taken in such a way.

29        The male sub is to participate in various training exercises during the year including but not limited to; ball stretching, cuckold and femdom hypnosis, ass dialation exercises, kneeling and begging position classes, blowjob and cum consumption lessons, humiliation and pain training, cuckolding as well as other various physical and mental conditioning exercises to learn to bring more pleasure and pay homage to Mistress.

30) The following changes will be made concerning the terminology about the male sub


A) The male sub will no longer refer to his penis as a cock but will refer to is as a clit.

B) The male sub will no longer refer to his testicles as balls but will refer to them as marbles.

C) The male sub will no longer refer to his asshole as his ass but will refer to it as his pussy

D) The male sub will no longer refer to his ejaculate as his cum but will refer to is as clit juice

E) The male sub will not refer to a condom as such but will refer to it as a clit juice catcher


Anonymous said...

I agree with every condition and must admit they are perfect. This is coming from a male slave as well ;)

sbo said...

Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks.sbobet

Anonymous said...

Which hollow strap on do you use? I have been looking for one for my toy to use on me and would appreciate any suggestions you have.

Us said...

Mistress had me buy one from here...all are good choices you just need to pick one that feels good for you... as all deny him pleasure.

bobbi savage said...


Anonymous said...

Nice for jerk-off reading. But strictly male fantasy stuff and completely pathetic for guys who want to find stuff to show their vanilla but dominant girls.

Us said...


Glad to give you fodder for your jerking sessions. I don't think anything on or about this site has ever claimed to be boring or vanilla. These exercises are actual ones my pup is required to do per our contract (as stated in the header of this post). If it's too much for you or your girl, I am sure there are plenty of sites out there that are more suited to your pace.
In the meantime, enjoy your 'me' time.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site. Wish I could be owned and trained. I am already completely shaved.

Anonymous said...

This is the hottest sexiest sub etitquette I've ever read! Can't wait for my sub to do as I command! He loves to please his mistress! And he does it so well!

Anonymous said...

No.24... Just interested, what effect does the cold water have ? :)

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! The new man is very much a sub but its not something that I've experienced before, although I seem to be more dominant than I thought!

Anonymous said...

I would submit to a mistress under this sub etiquette.

Kyle Jones said...

I accept

Anonymous said...

I love the amount of control implicit in these exercises.


Anonymous said...

The world would be a MUCH better place if all men had to submit to superior, dominant Women and practice the duties you describe, Mistress!

Mskittylittlestar said...

Help please. Newbie yes. Male slave gawking at other women. I do not want to punish as this seems more like a reward. Any advice or thoughts much appreciated

Barry Gohn said...

Love this blog. love to be the slave in training